Galalee Software Solutions™ offers IT networking consulting services to make networking and IT issues a breeze. Our IT Consulting Services eliminate complications of technology by creating a streamlined business process and connection for you. If your business is looking for Network Consulting, IT Consulting services, Network Design, Technical Support or IT Outsourcing services, or even small business server consulting, we have the answers. You can get more out of your technology with advice from our expert IT/Network consultants. Focus on running your business, and leave the technology to us.

What Our IT Consulting Entails:

  • Professional recommendations to create a customized, efficient network security solution for your organization.
  • The confidence to assure you have taken the proper measures to secure essential data and operations for your business
  • A technological analysis of your existing infrastructure, and expert advice to help you improve it and create a more secure infrastructure
  • Technology support is provided by experts who are always available
  • Proactive defenses against modern, fast-paced online threats to your customers and business
  • Comprehensive solutions adapted by professionals to protect your data



The pace for development in the latest technological advancements to increase productivity is staggering. However, with Galalee Software Solutions™, you have a team of experts who can develop software for the next application for your business or transform an existing application for improved usability, upgrade to another platform, or design and implement a new user-friendly interface.


Our experienced and knowledgeable testers perform application software testing and validation. Our team will determine if your software or any of its features are performing optimally within specifications. Our experts can guarantee the quality of your product based on our stringent testing protocols.


Galalee Software Solutions™ takes a consultative approach to help our clients. We work within your strategic objectives, align with your goals, and offer full support and knowledge transfer to your team. Our proven methodologies allow us to ramp up quickly, and our governance structure is designed to offer you the transparency and quality you demand.