Software Literacy: Why It Matters

Technology marches ever onward. At Galalee Software Solutions in Port Orchard, we know this better than anyone. That is why we strive to deliver the best software and cloud hosting platforms possible to businesses large and small throughout Washington. We also know that in this growingly technological age, it is more important than ever for individuals to develop software literacy for a variety of reasons.

dreamstime_xxl_47024572Literacy Matters

Literacy has always been an important asset when it comes to education as well as career success. In the old days, those who could read and write were the ones with all the power and wealth. That is why education became so important to the middle and lower classes of society. Digital literacy is no different. Software literacy and technical skills  can mean the difference between becoming an active, contributing member of society and the workforce, or being left with few options.

Changing Thinking

The more our society, particularly our youths, becomes more absorbed into modern software and technology, its way of thinking and perceiving the world changes. Studies have shown that there is a distinct difference between the ways older generations and younger generations perceive the world and evaluate challenges. For example, older generations tend to be more linear in their thought processes, solving problems through tried and true methods, one step at a time. Younger generations tend to approach problems from different angles simultaneously. There is also a distinct difference in communication methods, older generations preferring face to face contact, while younger generations prefer the ease and quickness of instant communication processes like texting. No one way is inherently better than the other, but the differences can lead to miscommunications and an inability to meet on common ground. Becoming software literate can actually provide a common ground for different thinkers to stand on.dreamstime_l_16045243

Growing Job Market

One of the best reasons we can offer for why you need to be software literate is that it is highly like that you will need those skills to find employment at some point in your life. More and more businesses and organizations are seeing the value in technology literate employees, and the computer science industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. Just as the ability to read and write was once the most highly sought qualities in some industries, so too will technologic know-how be in high demand. The more tech literate you are, the more valuable you will be to employers.

At Galalee Software Solutions, we understand the value of great software. Contact us today to learn more about our software development and cloud hosting services.

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